Nikita Pokrovsky: «Everyday Life in a Soviet Family in Moscow in 1960-1980s: Participatory Observations by a Sociologist»

Суббота, 25 июня 2016

The 3th lecture of the course about Soviet Moscow will be held 25 June at 18.00 at VDNH's lectorium (behind the pavillion №62).

Key notions and concepts of everyday life of this historical period. Housing and “apartment issues”, new residential buildings, cooperatives, apartment exchanges, ‘conquest’ of furniture. Work, bosses, creativity, wages and salaries, hidden resources and benefits. Food and nutrition, ‘conquest’ of bread, fast food street-cafes, food stores, lines for food, summer second homes as a source of nutrition. Clothes, imported clothes, Soviet fashions, furs, special winter fur hats, lambskin winter coats. Tourism and recreation, trade union health resorts, organized tourism, tours abroad, organized visits to a theater. Et al.

Nikita Pokrovsky

Doctor of Sociology, Professor of the Higher School of Economics, President of the Society of Professional Sociologists of Russia is a participatory observer of the lifeworld of the 1960-1980s in the Soviet Union.